How to beat the casino?

…when you lose, you are more eager to get back at the machine. You stress out, it gets the best of you and you slowly lose your sanity. The next thing you’ll know is you already lost a HUGE amount of money.

Breastfeeding in public

…I believe that my body is for my husband’s eyes only…..There are certain forms of media that shows a lot of a woman’s skin, boobs and butts. Which in turn, made people’s minds corrupted and made breasts sexual when its real essence is to feed come the time a woman becomes a mother.

Kindermusik Philippines

Way back December of last year, my dear daughter (who was 6 months old at that time) suddenly became masungit. Even her tita’s and grandparents couldn’t hold her because she would scream and cry. I literally was shrinking from embarrassment every time a relative or a friend would talk to her because she always ends up screaming. Dont get me…

Good quality, good deal

As my husband and I are first time parents, we didnt know what items to buy for our little one or which brand has the best quality in the market. Particularly when it comes to diaper.   We used two other diaper brands before discovering what we think is best for our baby.   Diaper A…

We’re pregnant!

Let us go back to the time when my husband and I discovered that we’re pregnant. We got married on July 18 of last year (2015) 3 and a half months into our marriage, I suddenly got sick. I normally do not take medicines as long as i can tolerate the pain,but my husband wanted…