We’re pregnant!

Let us go back to the time when my husband and I discovered that we’re pregnant.

We got married on July 18 of last year (2015)

3 and a half months into our marriage, I suddenly got sick. I normally do not take medicines as long as i can tolerate the pain,but my husband wanted me to drink one as ive been ill for 2 days already. But hey, thanks to my mother-in-law and aunt-in-law for forbidding me to take one. During that time, they already had this gut feel that there’s already a bun in my oven.

On Novermber 6 (2 days in of missed period), I asked someone to buy me a pregnancy test. I took the test, and voila, in just 2-3 minutes, a second line appeared. Tears of joy immediately ran down my face as I hurriedly called my husband to surprise him with the good news. He couldnt contain the joy he felt and he suddenly burst into tears.

Then, we went on to tell the good news to our family.


Product review:

Medic Pregnancy Test – this is the typical PT in the market where you’ll have to put a few drops of pee on it. I give this product a thumbs up as it gives an accurate result even on the first few days of a missed period. 👍

What about you, moms? did you get accurate results on your PT? 😊




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