Good quality, good deal

As my husband and I are first time parents, we didnt know what items to buy for our little one or which brand has the best quality in the market. Particularly when it comes to diaper.


We used two other diaper brands before discovering what we think is best for our baby.


Diaper A was cheap, papery and gets full easily. Thus, causing me to change my little girl’s nappy more often (and it would leak if left for longer periods). She’d also wake up often at night because she gets annoyed when her diaper’s full.


Diaper B was expensive (one of the most expensive in the market), it’s good but not good enough.


Until finally, we’ve tried Pampers baby dry. It was a bit cheaper than diaper B but it’s quality is definitely top notch. First, it has stretchy tapes to fit my Olivia’s legs well and I do not have to worry about re-adjusting the tapes once her tummy gets full of mommy’s milk 🍼 Next, it has cottony soft cover for a comfy feel.  It has magic gel and effectively absorbs my baby’s wee well (absolutely no leaks). I do not have to worry about her getting UTI. Unfortunately, some babies get UTI from diapers left for longer periods (apprently, some nappies are not as effective in absorbing wees).


The only thing that can top these off is getting this for free.

Well, I was able to score this last week.


Yes. 4 free pads if you purchase a pack of 52’s. Yup. That’s definitely a good deal.


Other mums usually get intimidated about the price but trust me, you’ll end up saving in the long run. You do the math on how many times you change your little one’s nappy.

I just wish I learned about Pampers baby dry sooner. I only want what’s best for my most prized. I wouldnt compromise anything for her.










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