Kindermusik Philippines

Way back December of last year, my dear daughter (who was 6 months old at that time) suddenly became masungit. Even her tita’s and grandparents couldn’t hold her because she would scream and cry. I literally was shrinking from embarrassment every time a relative or a friend would talk to her because she always ends up screaming. Dont get me wrong, though, I am not embarrassed of my little one. It’s simply because I am sensitive enough to what others might feel about it.

Come January 2017, Ive started searching for playschools for her. So I inquired at a playschool in TriNoma (since this is where we usually hangout) but there are no on going classes for my baby’s age group. I, then, finally ended up texting Kindermusik in Cubao inquiring about their classes (for the record, i was really eyeing on Kindermusik but was intimidated with the rate as I thought that they’re much more expensive).

Just after a few minutes, I received a call from teacher Maya (Kindermusik Cubao) and she’s invited me for a free trial class scheduled on a Sunday of the same week.

When we arrived at their studio, we were accommodated with the very welcoming teacher Maya. We arrived at 9:05am so we had 10 minutes to get ourselves settled before the class starts at 9:15.

So, here’s my baby trying to settle down and I filling out a form.
Each baby is accompanied by a parent/parents/guardian

It’s a 45-minute class with a lot of singing, dancing, activities with props and even costume, instruments to play with and expert advice from teacher Jeannie (the founder and director of Kindermusik Philippines).  We definitely enjoyed it and we enrolled our Olivia right after the class.

Teacher Jeannie helping me out with Olivia’s costume
Babies mingling. sooo cute!
And of course, with daddy 🙂

My baby just turned 7 months old when we enrolled her. She’s the youngest in their class. She belongs to the age group of newborn to 1 and a half year old. Kindermusik offers classes for newborn to the age of 7.

Would you believe that just after the free trial class, our baby has improved a lot. She became friendly again. The screaming’s gone and she’d let others to carry her. She even learned how to crawl just after 2 classes.

I must say, Kindermusik is a must try. It helped a lot with my baby’s motor and social skills (Im excited to see more). Had I known Kindermusik months ago, I’d definitely enroll our dear daughter earlier. We have been attending classes for 3 weeks now and we already have been attached to teacher Jeannie. She simply has this very charming and positive aura (not to mention her very lovely voice).


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