Things parents with a baby wish others know

Let’s face it, our babies are our everything and we can’t help but become overprotected of our little ones. Our worlds drastically change and we just wanted to protect them from any harm. We suddenly become OC’s (if you havent been yet) about them. So, here’s my personal list of the things i wish others know. Some are harsh but it’s simply a matter of courtesy for the parents and thinking about the well-being of the baby. I know a lot of parents would also agree with me.



1. No smoking

Please do not smoke near my baby. Do not even try to hold her after smoking. Ever heard of 3rd hand smoke? Yes. It does exist.




2. Disinfect yourself before touching my baby

Babies’ immune system are weak and they are prone to infections, viral and bacterial diseases. So please, disinfect yourself before touching her. You can either wash your hands or clean yourself up with a rubbing alcohol. I always carry a bottle with me, please feel free to ask for it.



3. Do not get near the baby when you’re sick

This is a no-brainer. If you (or your kids) have cough or cold or flu or any other illness, do not get near the baby. It definitely pisses me off when others who are sick do not have the common sense and courtesy to back off even just a little. What’s worse is touching, talking and volunteers to carry my precious little one.


If adults can catch flu from you, cause apparently, you are a walking-disease-carrier, then, the baby is more susceptible in acquiring it from you. Please, the baby is so small and innocent. Use your common sense.




4. Do not kiss the baby 

Cheeks? Forehead? Lips? Nope. You cant kiss them. It’s a tiny human being we are talking about and you cant just kiss them. Leave it to the parents (I havent even kissed my own baby on her lips due to the fear that she might get an infection or any other disease).



5. Old wives tales

Myths? Yeah. Ive heard a lot of them. As for me, I only believe on facts. If there’s no scientific explanation to back up your advice, then, Im not taking it.

Unfortunately, these old wives tales only make things worse – such as, putting certain oils on the baby (manzanilla, etc.), introducing solids earlier than 6 months, taking the baby for a hilot and the list goes on




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